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Tenant Info.

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Contract Info.


Next month leasing effective day.

Your rent will bank in to your landlord 1 business day before that date.


Use HSBC credit card to pay rent to enjoy transaction fee discount.

(Residential unit or car park: 2.1% / commercial unit: 2.6%).

Use Mastercard to pay rent to enjoy transaction fee discount.

(Residential unit or car park: 2.2%).

Please upload Tenancy Agreement and stamp proof.

KeyChain FinTech Ltd. reserves the final decision on the approval of the service.

(Max. file size: 8MB, accept 'jgp' or 'pdf' file. Maximum 5 files.)

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Email Notification and Statement will NOT be sent to your landlord if email is not provided.

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Tenant Info.

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Landlord Info.

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You may provide your promotion code later via E-mail / Whatsapp / App.

For the eligibility for redemption, please refer to the terms and conditions of the promotion.

*Once you authorize to pay with HSBC Card to enjoy the offers, it is not allowed to change or remove the Card during the promotion period.

**You will be charged immediately once Smart Contract is approved or around 2 weeks in advance of leasing effective date, whenever is earlier.