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How Keychain Pay Works



Protecting Your Payment Is Our First Priority.

  • Your personal information including card or bank account are enrypted in our front end of Web and App. The encrypted blocks will be sent through TLS (Transport Layer Security) and HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) to our server. Ensure banking standard security.
  • You may check our certificate in your browser by clicking on the lock icon.

Card Tokenization

  • Tokenization replaces your credit card number with a randomly generated code or token which is of no value to hackers. We do NOT store your 16-digits card number in our server.

PCI DSS Compliance

  • KeyChain Pay has achieved PCI DSS compliance certification. This demonstrate our commitment to security and the protection and integrity of customer data.
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) is a set of comprehensive requirements all businesses that handle card payments must comply with.

Safeguarding Your Account

  • AI real time trnsaction montioring, including suspicious activities of rental irregularities and spike in rent amount.
  • We’ll suspend your account if your card activities alert us that someone has used your card without your permission, preventing any further unauthorised fraudulent activity.
  • We may verify your teancny agreement when there is unusual account activity or to comply with regulations

Protecting your payment is our first priority.

Card tokenization

PCI DSS Compliance

Safeguarding your account


Our support team is happy to answer your questions and make sure your payment are promptly and securely processed.
Please contact us at +852 6022 8362 or WhatsApp us at +852 6022 8362.

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